How To Book?

Step 1:

SMS or Whatsapp us at 84319137 and tell us your selected date,desired tent size and if you require any decorations etc

Step 2:

Once you have made the final decision on your order, go to the Nparks website which is redirect you to the AXS app to book your camping permit. Otherwise you may also head to an AXS machine to book your camping permit and print it out directly.

After you have received a confirmation by Nparks (green copy) through your email, please do screenshot it and send to us to make your payment and confirm your booking.

Step 3:

Once you’ve confirmed your booking, proceed to print out the camping permit previously booked by scanning your IC at any AXS machine. On the actual day of your booking, before 3pm, bring it down and pass to us to hang it on the tent for the Nparks officers to check.

Step 4:

Should you be late on the actual day, you can head down to ECP on your own and find your own tent and we will give you your password to unlock the tent’s lock. The main applicant of the camping permit will have to bear full responsibility in following all the rules and regulation as per the permit. Thank you!

Terms and FAQ

Who is eligible to book?

Singaporeans, Permanent Residents ,Student Pass And Work Permit holders are welcomed to book with us.

Do we have to book our own camping permits and BBQ pits?

Yes, you can book them both online or through AXS machines. There will be a fee imposed on the bbq pits while the camping permit is free.

Visit the links below!
Camping Permit Application :
BBQ Pit Application: 

Are there toilets/ showering facilities provided?

Toilets and showering facilities are not provided by us, however there are public toilets and showering facilities located in the vicinity of our campsites.

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Cancellation / Postponing of bookings / Missing item

Although camping is allowed, please do be mindful of the covid-19 guidelines. Remember to observe the enhanced safe management measures, such as ensuring a 5 metre distance in between camping tents. For more guideline practices, please refer to the following link:

Do note that we are only providing glamping service with equipments. Should there be a breach of the guideline and our tent is confiscated, you will be responsible to get back the tent from nparks. If irretrievable, you will be liable to pay compensation for the tent and everything included in the tent. (Fans and batteries etc.) In addition, if any of our equipment or items provided to you is broken, missing or damaged , you will be liable for compensation. (wine glass =$5 each, fork and spoon =$1 each, plate =$5 each, the rest of the item depends on what was being broken/misplaced. There will also be transportation fee included for purchasing the items.)

As per our regulation and to ensure the safety of our guests, if you (the person who booked) are covid positive, we will be able to do a change of date within three months when notified 3 days prior to the booking.
If there is less than 3 days before your booking, we will require you to send a photo proof of covid positive ART test before we can proceed with the change of date. There will be NO refund.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather or personal reason, we do allow postpone of stays if the tent has not been set up. If the tent has been set up, no postpone will be allowed. Additionally, no refund will be allowed under any circumstances. Remember to do give us a notice in advance of 7 days if you wish to postpone. Lastly, Glampingkaki holds the final say to such request.


In the event of unforeseen circumstances whereby guests have lost their personal belonging or items, we will not be liable for the loss. The main applicant will bear all risks in terms of loss or damage to any personal property or belonging.

Food and beverages?

We do not provide any food and drinks. BBQ-ing is allowed as long the application with  National Parks is approved. There should be, however, no open flames  inside the tents.

National Parks regulations & ethics

As it is a public area, please control the noise level and keep the area clean after your stay. BBQ pit equipment are strictly not allowed as per NParks regulations.